Summer is Hot and the Housing Market is Sizzling!

Summer is Hot!  We all could use a break from this Heat!!! Gives you time to think about alot of things that are affecting our day to day lives. Spending time outside in this Heat with Friends & Family can be enjoyable as is spending time inside with the Air Conditioning blasting! As we enjoy the days of Summer don’t lose sight of the benefit of getting Your House on the Market before the interest rates rise leaving less Buyers to compete for your Home.  This is going to be A Seller’s Market until the supply and demand alter… I have several Buyers who have dropped out of the Search for a Home because they have been Priced out.  They will Buy it’s just a matter of Timing.  The Inventory has been low for so long it seems normal to New Realtors and New Sellers & Buyers – but this is not Normal and things are about to shift.  Real Estate is not just one thing…it is constantly evolving and each new Market is unique to it’s time in history.  Seller’s can still sell their homes for a Profit but they must be willing to compromise and listen to the advice of their Realtor who can make the process smooth and pleasant for All parties.